Why Go Union? Here are some benefits of joining a union:

  • “You earn while you learn.” Apprenticeship training is a 4 year degree where you get paid to learn on the job. A training facility is available to all throughout your membership in the union.
  • When workers stick together as a union, they have collective bargaining power. Together, workers share a one voice, and united, it is powerful and effective enough to make changes.
  • As a union member, you are in a better position to get better wages, benefits and working conditions as well as job security.
  • Non-union workers have limited rights and can be fired “at-will,” or for no legitimate reason. Non-union workers must also adapt to various regulations upheld by employers such as: inconsistent holiday schedules and unfulfilled promises for salary increase.
  • Union contracts ensure that the relationships between workers and employers are accurately defined, as decided upon between the workers’ negotiating committee and the employer during bargaining.
  • In addition, discipline and firing isn’t at the whim of the employer for union members. A series of steps must be taken in order for an employer to fire a union member, all of which must show just cause in dismissal. Members dealing with this process have the aid of a union representative who works on his or her behalf for fair representation and protection of rights.
  • In addition to good wages, members also enjoy excellent medical benefits.